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G.AL® Sawn Plates

absolutely stable at very high cutting degrees

You are looking for aluminium, which is available in big thicknesses and which has at the same time excellent properties concerning a

  • low distortion
  • dimensional stability
  • good machinability


Then our six-sides sawn G.AL® Sawn Plates are just right!

G.AL® Sawn Plates belong to the product family of G.AL® Cast Plates and the only difference to G.AL® Precision Plates is the surface. All sides’ sawn G.AL® Cast Plates are often used when the component which should be produced has a very high degree of machining or an additional thickness machining is essential so that the milled surface of G.AL® Precision plates is not required.

Our range of G.AL® six-sides sawn plates:

G.AL® C210R

sawn on all sides (alloy EN AW-5083) – for a variety of applications suitable
G.AL® C210R

G.AL® C330R

higher strength, six-sides-saw cast plate (alloy EN AW 7021) – characterized by its dimensional stability and its very low stress
G.AL® C330R

G.AL® Sawn Plates are often used in mold making industry and therefore classified to the category of mold plates.

The production of other mold making plates varies greatly depending on the type of alloy and the technically reachable final thickness. For reshaped / rolled grades up to 12” thickness hardened plates are often used.

However, with increasing thicknesses larger structural differences between the edge and the core areas can be found in these materials. This is because the forming/rolling process does not allow the creation of a uniform microstructure over the entire plate cross-section.

For this reason, for applications, which require larger thicknesses, almost exclusively cast aluminum plates are used, but they generally have lower strength values.

We solved this problem by developing the higher strength, heat-treatable mold making cast plate G.AL® C330R. Outstanding processing abilities and a higher strength – a combination that was considered not feasible for a long time.

For the production of extremely large shapes, we offer our mold making cast plate G.AL® C210R which is available up to a thickness of 41.5”.