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G.AL® Cast Plates in the  Industry

Technical knowledge and great products are what have made G.AL® Cast Plates an integral part of many industries.


Modern technology is ever evolving – largely thanks to advances in the semiconductor industry and the improvements in modern chip technology. The semiconductor industry is growing at great rates and the production methods are becoming more and more sophisticated. Our G.AL® Cast Plates offer a multitude of advantages that make them ideal for vacuum and semiconductor production processes.

While all industries are different and many requirements on the materials used tend to vary, progress and excellence are pursued every day in all of them.

At GLEICH we incorporated this into our company culture and seek to develop and produce ever better aluminum products for users in various industries.

While our products can help reduce machining times and improve output across many different industries, the main applications can be found in:

semiconductor industry

Semiconductor industry

High material requirements

Medical Technology

General engineering

and machine building

Mold making

Mold making

for plastics

Our constant innovations, our technical knowledge and our outstanding quality have helped our customers greatly over the last 40 years – and we will continue to strive for excellence.