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G.AL® C250

highest precision – extremely low tension

Medium Strength Cast Tool & Jig Plate

Alloy: EN AW-5083 [AlMg4,5Mn0,7 – 3.3547]

Type of alloy: non heat-treatable

Temper: 03

Surface: two surfaces precision milled, roughness Ra 0.4 µm, PVC on both sides

  • very precise surface
  • very uniform flatness
  • extremely low residual stress
  • very good corrosion resistance
  • very good homogeneity
  • high strength

The two sides precision machined G.AL® C250 Precision Plate with a protective PVC film is GLEICH’s Cast Tool & Jig Plate in alloy EN AW-5083 (AlMg4.5Mn0.7). Specially crafted and homogenized slabs are used for production, which have a fine-grained, homogeneous structure with very low microporosity created in our modified casting process and specific heat treatments. The result are Cast Tool & Jig Plates, which are distinguished by very uniform flatness, high strength and good technical anodizing properties.



Jig-making and fixture construction

Thanks to excellent flatness and very narrow tolerances, gauges of all kinds can be realized with G.AL® C250 and put into use within a very short time. Furthermore, the need for thickness machining is completely eliminated when using G.AL® C250. Due to the excellent corrosion resistance, using different materials normally does not damage the metal.

semiconductor_ ndustry

Semiconductor industry

Elaborate thickness processing is completely eliminated when using G.AL® C250. Due to the excellent corrosion resistance, a material mix normally does not damage the metal.

Packaging industry

The excellent technical anodising capability of G.AL® C250 allows this material to be used in a variety of applications as base and support plates in plant areas where visual demands are only conditionally required.

Automation technology

Even rotary indexing tables with a diameter of up to 2,160 mm and coordinate plates can be produced easily without distortion with the extremely low-stress, flat and parallel G.AL® C250.

Mechanical engineering

Base and ground plates, side and back walls can be realized safely and economically in a short amount of time with G.AL® C250, even at high degrees of machining and with intricate contours.

Model and mold-making

For applications such as mounting and model base plates, G.AL® C250 is the perfect choice due to its narrow tolerance regarding flatness, parallelism, thickness and good strength.

To avoid any unwanted surprises when removing the protective film from the precision plates, they must never be exposed to sunlight. The natural rubber adhesive of the film is not UV resistant and becomes brittle within a short time, and the protective film can then only be removed with great effort.

Sven Flaake

Technical Product Manager, GLEICH Aluminium

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