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for optimal  results in anodizing

Medium Strength Cast Tool & Jig Plate 

Alloy: EN AW-5083 [AlMg4,5Mn0,7 – 3.3547]

Type of alloy:non heat treatable

Temper: 03

Surface: two surfaces precision milled, roughness Ra 0.4 µm, PVC on both sides

  • very good anodizing properties
  • highest reproducible properties
  • very good homogeneity
  • very low microporosity
  • very fine-grained structure
  • very good polishability
  • precision milled surface
  • very good flatness
  • extremly low tension level
  • high strength
  • very good corrosion resistance


Specially designed aluminum slabs are used for the production of G.AL® C250 ELOX PLUS plates. The chemical composition of these slabs is considerably limited in accordance with the GLEICH factory standard and extensive cleaning of the melt and specific casting parameters. Together with the specially developed parameters of the subsequent heat treatment, we produce aluminum plates, which have excellent characteristics for anodizing and hard anodizing and thus are suited for the highest technical and optical applications. As with G.AL® C250, G.AL® C250 ELOX PLUS is a G.AL® Precision Plate, precision machined on both sides with a protective PVC film.


Consumer electrics

After anodizing, displays and front frames made of G.AL® C250 ELOX PLUS take on their unique excellent optical properties and considerably upvalue the products.

Optical industry

High degrees of machining and high demands on the visual appearance after anodizing can be easily realized with G.AL® C250 ELOX PLUS due to homogeneity and very low-stress properties.

Packaging industry

In particular, the packaging industry places very high demands on the appearance and functionality of anodized surfaces. G.AL® C250 ELOX PLUS ensures both due extremely low micro porosity.

Mechanical engineering and automation technology

Very narrow tolerances regarding thickness and flatness and the exquisite anodizing properties of G.AL® C250 ELOX PLUS significantly shorten the production times and result in the perfect appearance of visual parts.

Medical and laboratory technology

Sliding surfaces, for instance, must often have extremely smooth surfaces even after anodizing. G.AL® C250 ELOX PLUS, with its very fine-grained structure and very low microporosity, achieves optimal results.

Printing industry

Hard, uniform and smooth, functional surfaces are in demand for printing plates, which also have to satisfy optical demands. G.AL® C250 ELOX PLUS exceeds these requirements.

If anodized components must be aesthetically appealing or reproducible, G.AL® C250 ELOX PLUS is the right choice. Please note our anodizing specifications.

Sven Flaake

Technical Product Manager, GLEICH Aluminium

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