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G.AL® C330

high strength –
excellent form stability

Higher Strength Precision Milled Plate

Alloy: EN AW 7021 [AlZn5,5Mg1,5]

Type of alloy: heat treatable

Temper:solution heat treated, quenched, artifically aged, T79

Surface:two surfaces precision milled, roughness Ra 0.4 µm, PVC on both sides

  • precision machined surface
  • very high strength
  • very uniform flatness
  • very good machinability
  • extremely stress relieved
  • excellent form stability

This material produced from alloy EN AW 7021 (AlZn5.5Mg1.5) in a vertical continuous casting process closes the gap between medium and high-strength aluminum materials, the latter of which are often overqualified for the applications they are used in. G.AL® C330 is characterized by a very fine and homogenous structure, very low microporosity, excellent machinability and very high strength. G.AL® C330 is manufactured in material temper T79, which is reflected in the low-stress properties and dimensional stability unique in this strength class.



Tool making

The excellent flatness of G.AL® C330 allows for inexpensive production of tool holders, the high level of hardness reduces abrasion and ensures a long lifetime of the components.

Installation technology

Base and ground plates often have a variety of openings and pockets, meaning the risk of component distortion when using rolling plates is high. The extremely low residual stresses of G.AL® C330 significantly minimize this risk.

Printing industry

Due to the good technical anodizing and hard anodizing properties, the use of high- or ultra-high-strength rolled plates prone to warping can be avoided by using G.AL® C330, even at higher loads.

Automation technology

Higher-stressed transfer plates, swivel devices, clamping devices, etc. can be quickly and conveniently installed due to the high strength and narrow tolerances of G.AL® C330.

Handling and robotic technology

Whether for gripping, clamping, or holding devices in handling machines and industrial robots: the high strength, very good machinability and dimensional stability of G.AL® C330 enables fast production of even intricate components.

Mechanical engineering and special machine engineering

In this demanding segment, precision plate G.AL® C330 is used for centering, mounting and pressing devices because of the good wear characteristics, among others.

Higher-strength precision plate G.AL® C330 can be used in over 70% of all applications to replace high- or ultra-high-strength rolled plates, thus saving time and money. We are happy to advise you regarding the replacement of rolled plates with our G.AL® products.

Sven Flaake

Technical Product Manager, GLEICH Aluminium

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